Intelligent Broadband Service Optimization Solutions for Satellite Providers

Satellites, with their ubiquitous coverage, can bring Internet connectivity to every corner of the globe, with no terrestrial infrastructure. One of the greatest challenges of providing broadband satellite service is the cost of space capacity on the service provider VSAT networks because satellite bandwidth will always be more expensive and in more limited supply than terrestrial optical lines. More than any other broadband configuration, a satellite IP network needs to be optimized as bandwidth costs continue to dominate its viability in different markets.
Satellite network optimization solutions based on Layer-7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology are designed to enable fair use management and to ensure quality of experience by providing granular network visibility and subscriber-application control, all from a centralized location using a single GUI application.

Satellite network optimization solutions include:

  • Satellite Network Monitoring solutions deliver the granular visibility and network intelligence that is needed to understand how satellite bandwidth is being consumed by subscribers, content providers and applications on uplinks and downlinks.
  • Application Control and Bandwidth Management solutions, deployed at centralized hubs or at uplink sites, enable comprehensive and fair management techniques for satellite service providers. Application-aware quality of service (QoS) policies may be applied separately to upload and download traffic flows and may be based on prioritization of latency-sensitive services such as video or VoIP, while slowing data traffic that is less time-sensitive. Dynamic QoS policy control ensures that all traffic continues to flow (albeit at different rates) and packets are not dropped even during times of heavy congestion.

  • Policy Management and Reporting solutions provide a broad view of the satellite provider network, supplying actionable network intelligence on real-time and long-term bandwidth usage per-application and per-user, and providing accurate user demographics and profiling for effective capacity and service planning.

  • Self-Management for Retailers: NetPolicy Provisioner (NPP) allows the satellite wholesaler to give retail ISPs DPI visibility and control of their own bandwidth pipe. Via a web-based GUI (no client software or installation required) NPP provides direct access to a set of real-time NetXplorer monitoring reports that show critical aspects of bandwidth utilization and performance. Each report has a full complement of display options and drill-down capabilities, just like the wholesaler uses. This “my pipe” visibility gives retailers a complete picture of the applications running on their satellite connection and helps to troubleshoot network problems in real-time. NPP users can also be permitted to adjust QoS policies and create new policies in order to manage application performance and bandwidth usage. The satellite wholesaler can license up to 200 retail accounts per NPP server. 

  • DDoS and Bot/Zombie Protection complete security solution for managing Denial of Service attacks and for detecting users infected with Trojans, worms, spambots, or spyware who are unwittingly participating in bot or zombie attacks and clogging the network with illegitimate traffic.

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